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Re: Knoppix packages in 6.7.0 lacking 64-bits versions


On Mon, Aug 15, 2011 at 12:07:17PM +0000, Capri Corny wrote:
>    I'm working on a 64-bits upgrade to 6.7.0.� Relative to standard deb
>    repositories, everything is up to date, but some Knoppix packages are
>    lacking.
>    Taking a simple diff of package lists, it seems that the following
>    packages from the knoppix section in 6.7.0 don't have 64-bits installable
>    counterparts (adriane left out for now):
>    0wn

Shell scripts.

>    cgroup-remove-knoppix

32-bit statically linked version of "rmdir", you can of course recompile
it if you think it's worth the effort. Since Knoppix 6.7, it is not
needed anymore since the kernel-internal cgroup scheduler handles it,
i.e. you can safely remove it.

>    firewall-knoppix

Shell scripts.

>    gprsconnect-knoppix

Shells script.

>    knoppix-setrootpassword
>    knoppix-startorca
>    knoppix-terminalserver

Shell scripts.

>    knoppix-udev-config

Config files.

>    modemlink-knoppix
>    network-setup-knoppix
>    ppp-scripts-knoppix

Shell scripts.

>    prism54-nonfree

Binary firmware blob, does not run on native CPU.

>    rebuildfstab-knoppix
>    rootshell-knoppix
>    scanpartitions-knoppix
>    usleep-knoppix
>    virtualboxstart-knoppix

Shell scripts.

>    What is the easiest way to get them installed?i

Why not leave them as they are?

>    Should 64-bits versions be
>    made? And are there some initialization scripts/files not installed
>    through packages?

Yes, in fact there are.


are not packaged, in order to avoid automatic upgrades and dependency
problems with the Debian standard system.

Hope this helps.


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