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found solution to one bug in init script

 The 'init' script which checks for knoppix directory in
has issues if we try a frugal installation.
 The problem is because the init script(probably in minirt.gz) is not
having "-o" option while mounting and testing ext2, ext3 and other
format partitions.
This causes it to think that knoppix is not found as the mount command
fails in the function.
 I'm quite new to remastering or frugal installs and am learning how
to do them. Hope I've contributed something!

 I have one request. I've seen a lot of tutorials online including
LFS. I've been using dsl, ubuntu. I want to create a Linux that can
auto detect pc hardware, network connection (much like knoppix) and
only has X11 with a window manager. No extra shells, commands,
utilities, programs, tools,games etc. can you tell me what are the
only packages I need?

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