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minirt's and mounting a partition containing a pmi, read only.

Hi everyone,

Ok... so recently I stuffed Knoppix 5.1.1 on a 8GB USB thumbdrive...
and a persistent home.

Next I threw in the deb for VirtualBox and copied a XP vm file(xp.vdi)
to the same drive. So far so good. I added knoppix to virtualbox users
in /etc/group.
Next I try and run the vm and xp says there is a problem with the
drive. I check the permissions on the xp.vdi file and it says

After trying some other things... I decide to run VirtualBox as root. It works.
So this appears as the same old mounting issue where if the cheatcodes
fromhd= or bootfrom= is used for the KNOPPIX\KNOPPIX files or for a
file (K*.iso)... that whole partition is mounted read only and
everything is owned by root.
I really wish there was a solution for that built in. I think Gilles
has made great progress with his minirt_511a.gz for the last version.
I've even used Gilles' ntfs_rw hack and that will allow me to do what
I am now saying I cannot. Hi Gilles!

The funny thing is my persistent $HOME can and does get mounted rw. It
is also on the same drive as the KNOPPIX/KNOPPIX but it gets mounted
rw! Honestly, I'd be lost without Gilles' minirt's.


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