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Installing Knoppix to a hard drive

Hi all,

As a... first Dos, then a reluctant Windows user for most of my life,
I have always had trouble moving to linux full time. I always broke
something, couldn't fix it, then wound up back on M$ stuff. The death
of XP coming in June, made me make knoppix my full time os. I always
knew XP would be my last M$ product...
If any of you Linux only guys want a laugh... Google "Vista downgrade
rights". You'll see our buddy IBM at the top of the list offering to
provide an XP disk to users who got a system with certain higher
priced versions of Vista preinstalled on their pc's... to downgrade to
XP. That's how bad things are on that side of the pc world. So I am
not alone in this quagmire. I would think this is the best time to
make inroads to those unhappy users of M$'s "products." Is Klaus okay?

Well I would like to say that I have been running Knoppix 5.1.1 from
the iso file on a windows ntfs drive ( ide ) without any problems. I
have been using the knoppix.img persistent home with the default
options also. I have been using Gille's minirt for this.

In C:\boot.ini, under the [operating systems] block, adding...
C:\GRLDR="Knoppix 5.1.1"

Create a suitable grub4dos menu.lst to boot in the right partitions...
( which doesn't matter really because if I specify an incorrect
partition, knoppix finds the right one and uses it, when I use the
bootfrom= cheatcode at least)

Create a proper C:\boot\grub\isolinux folder for the grub4dos loader
to find "linux" and minirt_511a.gz.

And I'm in a indestructible really functional knoppix, I can treat
almost as a full system.

Next I played around with kdialog and kate and dcop to make a first
version of a knoppix installer that lets the user pick his own
boot.ini file with a file picker.

It then gets loaded into the kate editor with dcop.

Then he picks his iso image file or the KNOPPIX/KNOPPIX file with
another picker.

Then a menu.lst is generated and loaded into the same kate editor window.
Then he can answer yes to save changes, but can see what changes are
being made via the editor. (On windows... if you screw the boot.ini
up, you'll have to fix it with knoppix so I am putting some
responsibility on the user here :)


This is the grub4dos GRLDR I use everday, and the
C:\boot\grub\isolinux\ directory that has both minirt.gz and Gille's


Honestly, I'm not a script whiz... or even an intermediate but I hate
to see so many windows people try and get knoppix to run from a hard
disk and then follow up with an update and upgrade and then wind up
breaking something they have not the skill to fix. Then being greeted
with it's not meant to be run from a hard disk response. In my
opinion, this way of running knoppix is the Best way to run it from a
hard disk. At least when it comes to disenchanted windows Vista users
wondering what's next for them? So I am going to offer this script to
knoppix as a concept mostly. I will probably add a way to specify the
boot options.

But I had fun with exploring dcop control of kwrite, and eventually kate.
I even experimented with running kate in a hidden window... it seemed
to have a problem editing when hidden though so I abandoned that idea
quickly enough.

The pmi from iso image gives me a fast and indestructible linux I can learn on.
Gilles. Thanks alot for the minirt's.

best regards to everyone,
john woods

btw... When I do a basic search on the forums... often times I get no
results. If I use Google's site search... I get disappointed when it
shows me the results were there. I wrote the webmaster... but got no

Try http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&q=site%3Aknoppix.net+minirt_511a.gz&btnG=Search

and then a search for minirt_511a.gz on knoppix.net's forum search.
Nothing comes back. If you change to the non default option... "Search
for any terms or use query as entered" I get one result. Just a heads
up. Maybe a Google site search could also be an option to use on the

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