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Re: ISO Master

Klaus Knopper a écrit :
Hello Mr. Smith,
They are quite simple. The most important thing, next to usefulness, is
the license, which must allow the software to be freely distributable
for any purpose, non-commercial as well as commercial. And Open Source
of course (except in very rare cases that get fewer every day). From
your page, I assume that this is the case here.

I like your very clear license statement

  "Important NOTE: both bkisofs and ISO Master are distributed under the
  version of the license that follows (Version 2, June 1991), not an
  earlier one and not a later."

which is what I should also clarify in my own packages, too, since I am
very sceptic about GPL V3. I'm not even sure if I can continue to
include any software licensed under GPLV3 in Knoppix, because this would
make it presumably impossible to use Knoppix on computers that support
DRM, and source distribution will become even more complicated than it
already is today.

I just added your package to the DVD version (don't know yet if there is
enough space on he CD to it in here, too.)

A Debian repository would be nice for easy updates, though. ;-)

Thanks & kind regards
-Klaus Knopper

Thank you!

Did you just use the debian package from my website? If you built it yourself, is there anything I can do to make it easier for you in the future?

That notice I copied straight out of the Linux kernel licence file :) I don't really have an opinion about GPL3 yet, it hasn't been finalised. But I can't stand the thought that someone else will control the licence that *my* software is distributed under, that's why I put that notice in.



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