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Re: booting with persistent image

On Wed, Jul 19, 2006 at 01:40:55PM -0400, Keith Hodges wrote:
> In 5.0.1 I created a persistent home image and booted with
> home=/dev/hdb2 as instructed and the image was ignored.

You should not have to give home=... as boot option. Knoppix will scan
all partitions read-only for a knoppix.img.

> I saw in the known bugs list that this was rumoured not to be working if 
> /dev/hdb2 is an ext2fs.

Really? Where?

> So I made /dev/hdb2 to be a FAT32 in order to 
> work around this. I still find it ignored. I tried ext3fs too and that 
> did not work either.

I'm using this right now with 5.0.1, /dev/sda1 being vfat (FAT16, but
FAT32 works as well).

Have you tried booting with "knoppix 2", then mount /media/hdb2, and
knoppix-image /media/hda2/knoppix.img ?

-Klaus Knopper

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