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Re: How to compile xscreensaver under Knoppix?


Tim Ross wrote:
I'm running Knoppix 5.0.1 Live CD and can not get the K Button | Lock Session function to lock the screen (passwords are set on the accounts root and knoppix). So, I'd like to get xscreensaver to lock the screen. I have the package xscreensaver_4.24-4_i386.deb, installed it, and can lock the screen. However, the package gets installed into RAM...
You can simply use a persistent KNOPPIX disk image that will keep all your changes (your installed packages and so on), you clould put it on your usbkey
So, I'd like to compile/install xscreensaver on my handy dandy flash drive so I don't have to install xscreensaver every time I use Knoppix. When I attempt to configure xscreensaver, I get:

root@1[xscreensaver-5.00]# ./configure
current directory: /media/sda1/x/bin/xscreensaver-5.00
command line was: ./configure
checking build system type...  i686-pc-linux-gnu
checking perl version... 5.008008
checking for X... no
configure: error: Couldn't find X11 headers/libs.  Try `./configure --help'.
Seems you need headers for X11 lib, maybe libx11-dev package ?

cf: apt-cache search X11 headers
So, can anyone assist with supplying the proper switches and whatever path locations are needed to configure xscreensaver? Thanks!
If it doesn't help you, maybe you only need to modify kdelock

cf: dpkg -L kdelock-knoppix

this command will show you that /usr/bin/kdesktop_lock is /usr/bin/kdesktop_lock.orig



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