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Re: Knoppix 6 ?

Hi Gilles,

On Thu, May 25, 2006 at 07:45:58PM -0400, Gilles wrote:
> Given that there used to be a 0.0.1  release every second day, and 
> that it's almost two months that 5.0.1 should have been released, I 
> suppose the next release will be 6.

Since the last public release was actually 4.0.2, there should be no
reason to skip 5.x, even that there have been a LOT of new kernels between
Cebit and now.

> I mean, in five years from now, Klaus will be almost as late as 
> Microsoft is with Vista!

Am I late?

See http://knopper.net/faq/knoppix-release-en.html

> One really wonders what's going on. Maybe 
> he's waiting for the release of the latest Kanotix so that people 
> will say that Knoppix is Kanotix on steroids? :)

I'm not as good as Kano concerning flowery descriptions, so let's say we
are just trying to get Knoppix, both the DVD and CD, to the latest point
of technology. :-)

Btw, I already sent a "due date" to the list. As expected, (almost)
nobody has taken it serious. But, you never know. :-)


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