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Re: How I can shrinked the Knoppix to 512Mb Flash-USB, 256Mb, 128Mb, 100Mb...???

Hi Stephen,

> Getting it under 512MB not difficult at all.
> What I did was transfer the CD image to a disk partition (using the 
> 'tohd=' boot param) 

Please explain in more detail about ('tohd=' boot param)

Whether you meant
dd if=/dev/cdrom  of=/dev/hdaX

hdaX is the partition on HD created for remastering.

> and then boot from that (fromhd=, or boot using
> grub

Please explain in more detail.  When booting the HD, the installed OS
will take control.  Tks.

> as my NOTES at http://www/bcgreen.com/knoppix/ )


under which notes.  TIA


> I then started with a list of packages and deleted anything that was 
> clearly unnecessary to my interests (( in the instant case I was
> trying 
> to put together a cd that could boot and copy into 380MB of  RAM so
> that 
> the machine could be used as a  DVD player using just a single DVD
> player)
> Once you shrink the size by enough then use the remastering tools to 
> build a boot CD image, then butn and test the image.  Rinse and
> repeat 
> as needed.
> In theory , you could store the current state of /ramdisk so as to 
> preserve the state of deleted packages, but I found it easier to just
> keep a list of deleted packages, and change that until I had a set
> that 
> worked for me.
> In my case -- and because this was mostly intended as a single-use
> CD, I 
> was able to delete kde and move to a more sparse manager like  twm as
> my 
> desktop.  If you're doing headless or text only work then you can get
> rid of X entirely and boot to runlevel 2 instead of 5.
> In my case, getting rid of KDE broke a number of packages which I was
> able to also include in my 'delete' list.
> dpkg --simulate --purge  `cat remove_list` 
> is a nice way to test whether a delete list is going to be usable.
> If the image isn't small enough then keep deleting until you're
> happy.
> www.skype.com(ContactOnlineSkypeName*icq343748124*) wrote:
> > Çäðàâñòâóéòå, debian-knoppix.
> >
> > How I can shrinked the Knoppix to 512Mb Flash-USB, 256Mb, 128Mb,
> 100Mb...???
> >
> > And the specific question- My future some projects- using Knoppix
> as
> > universal ROM module in the any hardware computers for control the
> > SPECIFIC apparature-
> > the interests to me is:
> > 1. Full control from any IR-TV-pults
> > 2. Full control for any-talk chat-program(I like using te Skype for
> linux. Its
> > really work witk Knoppix!!! questions to
> > 3. Using the Knoppix as universal decoder for any
> > 4. and more...
> >   
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