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Will 5.0.1 be more than another live-cd?

For two years now, I've been looking for a distro that would be as 
GPLed, stable, secure and up to date as Slackware, but with more 
software available, better upgrade and management tools and a better 
organized community (forum, mailing list, whatever...)

Of course, Debian tops this list... save for being up to date. Sarge 
is now almost one year old and there is so much talk about making 
more timely releases that there is no doubt in my mind the next 
release should be in two or three years :) I've tried other 
Debian-based distro, but they don't make the grade on one count or 
another. Only Knoppix appears to me as a viable alternative.

On Jamuary 12th, Klaus wrote:

"And we may be able to replace some knoppix-patched Debian-packages 
(like sysvinit) by the original ones using some script-based "evil 
hacks" instead, in order to make them behave like the earlier live-cd 

So, I'm wondering if KNX 5.0.1 will be this more Debian-compatible 
release, if it will be more than just a live-cd, that is, a CD 
certified for a good basic Debian installation. This would be 
wonderful, as it could bring Linux many new users. But then, security 
updates for testing should be available. Is it the case?

I believe I gathered that Klaus does not want to provide support for a 
Linux distro :) but Suse doesn't support Opensuse either and Red Hat 
doesn't support Fedora, so I don't believe this is a problem.

For years now, there's been big hullabaloo about Linux on the Desktop, 
but I don't see much happening. Maybe in ten years from now Debian 
will be released every year but that's going to be too late for me. 
If Knoppix, doesn't offer a solution for average Joe, I'm going to 
switch to OpenSuse, which I would thing fits pretty much all my 
criteria... except that Suse's commitment to the GPL is far from 

Ar least, when average Joe goes to Mplayer and wants a compiled 
package, he'll find the rpm instead of a reference to Marillat where 
there's absolutely no mention of the package. If he wants to 
experience with LVM and RAID, he'll even find some interfaces to set 
this up! He certainly won't turn out the most competent system 
administrator, but whatever he will learn from the confusing Linux 
documentation (Windows' is even worst), he will have forgotten the 
next time the same problem comes around. For him, the click-o-drome 
is a blessing.

So, here's my question once again. Will Knoppix 5.0.1 be more than 
another Live-CD?

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