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Re: Report on few days on KNOPPIX 5.0


- CD/DVD-Rom are not well recognised (icons on desktop)

- DVD-Rom reader are slow on satellite with ICH6 SATA controller
We can now play DVD on Satellite :)

need to pass:

libata.atapi_enabled=1 ide1=noprobe

to kernel so that DVD writer is seen as /dev/sr0 instead of /dev/hdc

ide1=noprobe is needed to prevent loading of ide modules and to allow SATA mode on DVD reader.

Then we have a menu inviting us to select application to read it (two bugs solved in one) :)

- we can compile modules in live-cd (Nvidia or ATI driver)
Cheatcode xmodule=nvidia or xmodule=fglrx help to have a good xorg.conf with proprietary driver using a PDI.

I don't feel the need to install to hd with fromhd/PDI/unionfs: lot of apps in relative few space with cloop, new drivers and preferences in PDI

Install should increase the speed to launch apps, but as they don't close themselves I don't care :P


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