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Knoppix CEBIT 5.0 bug: 4.02 knoppix-autoconfig ext3 bug still in Knoppix 5.0

The bug in knoppix-autoconfig of the 4.0.2 CD/DVD versions
has not been fixed yet in the Knoppix 5.0 CEBIT edition.
This typo prevents a persistent disk image to mount
if the filesystem on which it is located is formated as ext2.
To fix it, replace one of the two ext3 by one ext2.
Specifically for the 4.02 knoppix-autoconfig:

<     ext3|ext3|reiserfs|xfs) MOUNTOPTS="$MOUNTOPTS,noatime" ;;
>     ext2|ext3|reiserfs|xfs) MOUNTOPTS="$MOUNTOPTS,noatime" ;;

I hope this will be fixed before the next official 5.0 release.

Best Regards,
Gilles van Ruymbeke

PS: For those of you who do not want to or cannot burn a cd/dvd,
I just have updated the minirt_usb5.gz file for Knoppix 5.0 CEBIT
This minirt_usb5.gz file is required to boot knoppix from the iso file
on the hdd, cf:
http://www.knoppix.net/forum/viewtopic.php?p=101293#101293 and Windows
Partition PMI

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