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Re: Knoppix/Quantian on Proliant DL360 G3 with 5i Smart Array, hard disks now visible!

Am Montag, 13. März 2006 12:08 schrieb Martin Schenker:
> Hi Franz!
> Thanks, but somehow the command
> mkdesktophdicons (after running 'rebuildfstab -r -v')
> doesn't do anything on MY desktop after mounting the disks manually.
> Anything I'm missing here?

You have to change it first:

case "$p" in /dev/[hs]d[a-z][1-9]*)

You have to extend this regular expression to your needs:

For example.

 case "$p" in /dev/[hs]d[a-z][1-9]*|/dev/ucmcs/*[1-9]*)



PS: Be sure to sent a patch once working.

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