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Re: knoppix-installer -> slow system


Felix Miata a écrit :

I ran knoppix-installer with the default debian option on a K6/2 550 VIA
MVP4 system that seemed to run just fine off the 4.0.2 CD, but things
aren't so great running off the HD. The first time I let it run any
length of time it ground to a halt with out of memory, 256M real, and
384M virtual.

Never seen this kind of message.

During boot it seems like it loads every module for every
device ever made. /etc/modules is 601 bytes. /etc/modules.conf is 15,384

You should look at /etc/modules-2.6.12

(/etc/modules-`uname -r`)

most could be disabled because they are loaded by hotplug.

Somes needn't to be loaded (pcmcia , ieee1394 ...) depending of your hardware config.

How do I trim these files down and speed up
this system?

You will speed up start but don't think it will speed up use.

Also, how do I set portmap to automatically start in
runlevel 2+ (chkconfig in rpm systems makes this easy)?
You can run kysyv or update-rc.d

I think you have to check DMA with hdparm (but it should be enabled by default)

You have to disable some daemon.

But It's strange that live is speeder than hd-install.

Did you look at "load" field in top output ?

Hope it helps you a bit.



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