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Re: knoppix 4.02 upgrade

I think part of what is really ugly about upgrading a HD-installed
knoppix is that knoppix pulls packages from Debian's stable, testing,
and unstable package repositories. The whole idea of creating a "stable"
version of Debian is that all the packages have been tested with
eachother so that they are known to work. By trying to keep the same
/etc/apt/sources.list that comes with Knoppix, you are inviting disaster.

If you really want to try to upgrade it a knoppix install, you can do
it. Try doing so on a fresh install, expecting that you will break
something that you might have to fix. Here is how I would recommend
going about it:

sudo apt-get install base-config
sudo mv /etc/apt/sources.list /etc/apt/sources.list-backup
sudo touch /etc/apt/sources.list
sudo apt-setup

The "apt-setup" program which will write new lines in
/etc/apt/sources.list for you. Then, to upgrade stable/sarge to testing:

sudo perl -pi~ -ne 's/(stable|sarge)/testing/g' /etc/apt/sources.list &&
sudo apt-get update

At this point, on a Debian system, I might try dist-upgrade at this
point. However, that's always riskier than doing "apt-get install
<package>" to install only those packages that you have to
install/upgrade. That is especially true for Knoppix. So, don't do
apt-get dist-upgrade.

Knoppix is a wonderful tool. It has limitations, though. I wish there
were a Debian LiveCD project or that Knoppix were more Debian-like.

Manolis Mathioudakis wrote:

> I have struggled with Knoppix a lot myself lately. I even made a remaster.
> I have at least 2 CD 's in my bag so I can give it away when someone
> asks me for a copy. I do believe that knoppix is one of the best live
> CD 's. But only that: A live CD. Mr. Knopper hasn't designed it for
> installation.
> Installation is getting more and more of a problem. The last installer
> was backported from kanotix, but kanotix has grown away from knoppix
> for some reason. And now Mr. Knopper says he will have a "new"
> installer on knoppix 4.1. We will have to wait and see
> Trying to upgrade knoppix is like driving into a dead end. Why?
> Because knoppix is not pure debian. It uses none-compatible debian
> packages in order to work, and for some reason they are not ported
> back to debian. This means that you can not upgrade those from
> debian=>problem.
> This is one of the reasons some debian developers almost hate knoppix,
> just try to get into #debian on irc and ask a question stating you are
> using knoppix and you will see what I mean.
> So until knoppix starts using debian compatible stuff, upgrading will
> likely mess up your system. If you want to upgrade your distro try to
> install debian or kanotix which does not use incompatible .deb files
> and is Sid.
> my 2c
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