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Re: knoppix 4.02 upgrade

I have struggled with Knoppix a lot myself lately. I even made a remaster.
I have at least 2 CD 's in my bag so I can give it away when someone asks me for a copy. I do believe that knoppix is one of the best live CD 's. But only that: A live CD. Mr. Knopper hasn't designed it for installation.
Installation is getting more and more of a problem. The last installer was backported from kanotix, but kanotix has grown away from knoppix for some reason.  And now Mr. Knopper says he will have a "new" installer on knoppix 4.1. We will have to wait and see
Trying to upgrade knoppix is like driving into a dead end. Why? Because knoppix is not pure debian. It uses none-compatible debian packages in order to work, and for some reason they are not ported back to debian. This means that you can not upgrade those from debian=>problem.
This is one of the reasons some debian developers almost hate knoppix, just try to get into #debian on irc and ask a question stating you are using knoppix and you will see what I mean.
So until knoppix starts using debian compatible stuff, upgrading will likely mess up your system. If you want to upgrade your distro try to install debian or kanotix which does not use incompatible .deb files and is Sid.

my 2c

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