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New Xenoppix


New Xenoppix (knoppix_v4.0.2CD_20050923_xen-20051212+IPAFont.iso 1.15GB) 
is released.
  Host OS: knoppix (Linux kernel 2.6.11 + xen 2.0.6) # Please wait for xen 3.0.
  Guest OSes: NetBSD (kernel 2.0.1)

--- New Feature ---
(1)This version has new boot option for network, NAT or DHCP. 
    *(New) NAT version enables to boot GuestOS without network connection. 
    *(Traditional) GuestOS requires external DHCP service because
     GuestOS setup up to work as a server.

(2)"knoppix-xen" script(experimental version) is opened.
    *This script boots GuestOS with parameters. We can customize the
     script to change memory size, etc.
    *How To Use. 
     At first boot "knoppix/xen" with external DHCP service. 
      command option. # knoppix-xen kernel-file screen-size 
      # knoppix-xen /cdrom/boot/xen/netbsd 800x600 
      or # knoppix-xen /cdrom/boot/xen/plan9 1024x768 
      Sometimes "knoppix-xen" hangs up. Especially after the run of "knoppix-xen".

Download iso file (1.15GB) 
  Bittorrent file
  MD5: 688f83ca6b936f301732a6009ffdd659 


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