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Re: Can I use it to test out a evaluation software that has expired ?


On Thu, Sep 29, 2005 at 06:06:27PM +0200, Jody Noury wrote:
> Hi,
> Debian-Knoppix is free software, GPL give you lot of rights: you can use
> it, copy it, modify it, sell it ...

Yes, of course, but:

> Your program is a proprietary software, you have to respect rights of
> the author.
> Knoppix is a powerfull tool, but powerfull tools are not designed to
> wipe rights.

He is IMHO not wiping any rights when in private installing a
proprietary evaluation product on a free platform (which is in this case
just a ramdisk installation anyways) in general. In fact, even Knoppix
contains non-OSS portions, like binary-only but freely distributable
firmware drivers for some wifi cards, or Java (which is not open

But: Circumventing the demo license of a proprietary third-party product
by making the product run longer than the evaluation period was designed
by the programs authors, is indeed probably a violation of law. This is
entirely independent of any technical means, or Knoppix. If the
proprietary license says that you must not use this product beyond the
evaluation period, you are not legally entitled to do that (even if it
is technically possible).

> I am happy to be able to tell you that I need not any proprietary software.

Neither do I. But I still respect that others do (or they THINK they
do). ;-)

-Klaus Knopper

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