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Re: [debian-knoppix] Re: KNOPPIX_V4.0.2CD-2005-09-23-EN (lang=fr)

Martin Owens a écrit :
> If you do have a look at this part of knoppix could you add the en-gb 
> kde and keyboard files and make sure they work too? thanks.

Well keyboard works well with parameter lang=

I've tried lang=ru, keyboard is good, only kde apps stay in en.

It seems beteween kde-i18n-* are installed that somes could not be used
seen by kcontrol (kcontrol show: German, English us, Spanish, Japanese,
Polish, Turkish)

dpkg -l | grep kde-i18n show locale for:

de, es, fr, it, ja, nl, pl, ru , tr

Seems fr, ru, nl are missing.

I've tested removing kde-i18n-fr, reinstall it, let only testing and
alioth repository in sources.list

I had some errors:


message was for each:
folder was not empty

I've tried remove some, delete some, don't remember what works and
.bash_history seems not beeing created

But It's possible to reinstall it in live-on-cd, version installed is now:

kde-3.3.2-2 ^^

Maybe internationnalisation packages for 3.4.1-1 are not ready (Tried
unstable repository, package seem broken)


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