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Re: KNOPPIX 4.0.2 2005-09-12 mysql-server: old_password = 1

Klaus Knopper wrote:

>unionfs with a bunch of bugfixed seems somewhat slower than the old
>version (I have not run any benchmarks, though). But the mkisofs
>sortlist has been created with a new file sorting scheme based on an
>open() strace, which seems to improve seek times a lot. :-)
can you give some clues on how to replicate this  effect in
a remaster? my remastered 4.01 (which I am just about to
redo with 4.02) seems quite slower than our previous 3.6

>I wonder how you discovered it, I haven't even officially announced it
>yet to give mirrors some time to download it. ;-)
it's all over the forum on knoppix.net

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