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Re: Netboot with rom-o-matic fails.

On Sat, Sep 24, 2005 at 10:57:02PM -0700, Stephen Samuel wrote:
> I've been trying to do netboots off of knoppix.  Getting
> the fix in 4.0.2 is great.  It get the pxe boots working
> fine, but booting from a rom-o-matic floppy seems to
> still fail.... Not sure why.

I wonder how you noticed there is a new image, since I did not announce
it yet anywhere until its distributed to all mirrore. ;-)

> What happens is that loads etherboot.nbi and it gets as far as the blue 
> syslinux screen, loads the next stage, and then goes
>    Loading vmlinuz ................................
>    Could not find the ramdisk image: miniroot.gz
> If you hit enter again, it goes
>    Could not find the ramdisk image:  vmlinuz
> and then continues with the second message.
> Looking at the output of ethereal, I don't see anything for tftp
> other than the request for etherboot.nbi.
> Looking thru posting histor, it seems like this problem
> started with 2.6 kernels, so I'm wondering if the
> etherboot.nbi files are using/expecting  an old kernel or
> something... (?).  Haven't had much chance to test this..
> building boots isn't somehing I've really taken on before.

I don't think it's kernel related, since at this stage, no kernel is
running. Only pxelinux as the boot loader. Very strange.

> I can get it to load OK by changing the dhcpd.conf to
> feed pxelinux.0, but from what I'm reading, the pxeboot
> code is a bit more picky about some things (could be
> wrong, though).

Can you send me a diff with your changes?

-Klaus Knopper

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