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Netboot with rom-o-matic fails.

I've been trying to do netboots off of knoppix.  Getting
the fix in 4.0.2 is great.  It get the pxe boots working
fine, but booting from a rom-o-matic floppy seems to
still fail.... Not sure why.

What happens is that loads etherboot.nbi and it gets as far as the blue syslinux screen, loads the next stage, and then goes

   Loading vmlinuz ................................
   Could not find the ramdisk image: miniroot.gz

If you hit enter again, it goes
   Could not find the ramdisk image:  vmlinuz

and then continues with the second message.

Looking at the output of ethereal, I don't see anything for tftp
other than the request for etherboot.nbi.

Looking thru posting histor, it seems like this problem
started with 2.6 kernels, so I'm wondering if the
etherboot.nbi files are using/expecting  an old kernel or
something... (?).  Haven't had much chance to test this..
building boots isn't somehing I've really taken on before.

I can get it to load OK by changing the dhcpd.conf to
feed pxelinux.0, but from what I'm reading, the pxeboot
code is a bit more picky about some things (could be
wrong, though).

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