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We customized KNOPPIX to include a virtual machine monitor Xen. We
call it "Xenoppix". KNOPPIX sets up device drivers and offers us X
window System. GUI of GuestOS is mapped to the X11 using VNC
full-screen mode.  So it looks GuestOS boots standalone.

The GuestOS can work as a server becuase of VIF-Bridge of Xen. 

Current Guest OSes are NetBSD and Plan9. They are selectable at boot time.

The HP has siple explanation and snapshot-figure of Xenoppix boot.
The DVD iso image isoffered Bittorrent and FTP.

We want to marge Xenoppix to HTTP-FUSE KNOPPIX. It makes to boot
Xenoppix with 5MB iso image .

We hope Xenoppix includes OpenSolaris and GNU/Hurd in near future.
If you have any information to install them on Xen, please teach us.


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