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Re: Error Remastered Knoppix 4.0.1 DVD.

Ok, I found the mistake. I didn't check that the file KNOPPIX2 was not well 

I was mounting all the files of KNOPPIX2 into the root directory.

The right way to create this second image file is to include the graft points 
where the files will be inserted with the -graft-points option:

mkisofs -input-charset ISO-8859-15 -no-split-symlink-components 
-no-split-symlink-fields -R -l -U -V "KNOPPIX_FS" -p "KNOPPIX 
www.knoppix-es.org" -hide-rr-moved -cache-inodes -pad 
-graft-points /opt=/mnt/hda10/knx/source/KNOPPIX/opt 
/usr/share/games=/mnt/hda10/knx/source/KNOPPIX/usr/share/games | 
create_compressed_fs - 65536 > /mnt/hda10/knx/master/KNOPPIX/KNOPPIX2

Thank you very much to Klaus for your his reply, he gave me the clue.


Victor Alonso.

El Viernes 09 Septiembre 2005 18:12, Klaus Knopper escribió:
> On Fri, Sep 09, 2005 at 05:00:42PM +0200, Victor Alonso wrote:
> > I get an error on my remastered knoppix 4.01 DVD. It works fine, but when
> > I shut down knoppix I get a long list of error messages like this one:
> >
> > cp: cannot create symbolic link '/dev/xxxxx' to '/KNOPPIX/dev/xxxxxx' no
> > space left on device
> > ....
> > And at the end:
> > syncking/Unmounting filesystems: tac: /tmp/tacRDSDAD: No space left on
> > device ....
> I'm not sure, it looks like there are additional, large files in /etc or
> /dev on your remaster.
> Could it be that, at one point, you forgot to mount your mastering
> partition with
> -o suid, dev
> and therefore accidentially replaced some devices in /dev by large
> files? Or, /proc and /tmp were also remastered?
> With kind regards
> -Klaus Knopper

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