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Re: Change the login window

--- Thomas Maier <Thomas.Maier@uni-kassel.de> wrote:

> Am Freitag, den 19.08.2005, 01:34 -0700 schrieb
> Nemesis golicha:
> > hi guys 
> > just installed debian on my box through knoppix
> and am
> > having the time of my life, anyway i was wondering
> if
> > there is a way i can change the login window from
> the
> > dull grey default window. i have searched the net
> for
> > any article to no avail.
> If you use gdm your login/display manager, I think
> there is a menu entry
> or button somewhere to configure it as well as the
> command "gdmconfig"
> that you can call from a shell.  On the first tab
> "General" you can
> choose the so called "greeter" which can be
> "standard" or "graphical".
> Both can be configured, the graphical one has many
> themes you can
> download.
> HTH,
> -- 
> Thomas Maier - Research Assistant - University of
> Kassel, Germany

GuternTag Herr Thomas,
thanks for the help changed the login/display window
wish to thank all the others who also sent  replies to
my query esp Cecil 

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