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Re: Re: [debian-knoppix] XDMCP Broadcast

Hi Yavor,
the port is set in the kdmrc file which is port 177 udp

Please check this as a sample for the kdmrc

# KDM configuration example.

# Whether KDM should listen to XDMCP requests. Default is true.
# The UDP port KDM should listen on for XDMCP requests. Don't change the 177.
# File with the private keys of X-terminals. Required for XDM authentication.
# Default is ""
# XDMCP access control file in the usual XDM-Xaccess format.
# Default is /etc/kde3/kdm/Xaccess
# XXX i'm planning to absorb this file into kdmrc, but i'm not sure how to
# do this best.
# Number of seconds to wait for display to respond after the user has
# selected a host from the chooser. Default is 15.
# Strip domain name from remote display names if it is equal to the local
# domain. Default is true
# Use the numeric IP address of the incoming connection instead of the
# host name. Use this on multihomed hosts. Default is false
# The program which is invoked to dynamically generate replies to XDMCP
# BroadcastQuery requests.
# By default no program is invoked and "Willing to manage" is sent.


I will check the configuration again over the weekend.


Thank you Karl. :)
But this is not enough :(
On which port make tunneling to connect to X?


karl.huthmacher@freenet.de wrote:

> Hi Yavor,
> find the kdmrc file and here the section [Xdmcp]
> There you change
> Enable=true
> find the Xacces file, probaly in the same directory . Ther e is a line
> which reads like
> #* #any host can get a login window
> change this line to
> * #any host can get a login window
> then restart X by /etc/init.d/kdm restat
> That should do.
> If you run X -query IPadress-of-Server :1 you should get a login screen
> BTW Xdmcp is not really secure because the traffic is not protected.
> Maybe you should think of ssh, which allows X-Connections,too. But secure.
> Regards
> Karlo
> --- original Nachricht Ende ----
> How to set Knoppix 3.6 to permit XDMCP Broadcast?
> Yavor
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