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[debian-knoppix] Need help with WVdial

I am attempting to connect to two different ISPs using WVdial.  I am using a Compaq 2100US laptop, a USRobotics 14.4 modem (all I had to play with) and I am running KNOPPIX 3.4 and the version of WVDial that came with it.  I am trying to connect to Compuserve Classic and ATT Worldnet.  WVdial dials out, connects to the ISPs modem at 14.4, but I get no response from the ISP, WVdial doesn't know what to do, fires up PPP, eventually times out and trys to dial again.  "Compuserve = 1" param I added to wvdial.conf doesn't seem to have any effect.  "Stupid Mode = 1" param causes WVdial to go straight to PPP without any comm with the ISP.  Any ideas?

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