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[debian-knoppix] bootfrom option from floopy boot

"bootfrom" option is not effective from floppy boot. The miniroot
seems to lack drivers. Please tell me how to fix.
I want to boot KNOPPIX from NTFS without CD. :-)

Anyway, the treatment of "bootfrom" is diffenent on kernel24 and
kernel26. The "bootfrom" option on kernel24 uses iso image but
kernel26 uses cloop file.

On kernel24 we have to copy *.iso to NTFS.
    boot: knoppix bootfrom=/dev/hda1/*.iso

On kernel26 we have to copy cloop file to "C:\KNOPPIX\KNOPPIX".
    boot: knoppix26 bootfrom=/dev/hda1

Which is easy way to fix the problem?

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