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[debian-knoppix] Problems with madwifi driver & kernel 2.6

I'm using knoppix, and I must say it's getting better and better in every new 
release. I use it as demo-disk, recovery-disk, test-hardware-disk and 
debian-install-disk, and I'm pretty happy in all those environments (thanks 
Klaus and all people involved! :P)

I'm using some Conceptronics Wifi Cards (madwifi driver), and I've seen they 
work perfectly if using knoppix-kernel-2.4, but they don't work at all in 

Is this normal? (as 2.6 is theorically just "experimental" in knoppix, I 
understand that it may not support all hardware). Is there a simple way to 
make this cards work on kernel 2.6?

Thanks in advance
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