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Re: [debian-knoppix] REMOVE ME Future tips for getting removed from mailing list

Please excuse top post

Since there are a lot of newbies to Linux in general which knoppix/Klaus 
deserve a lot of credit for (btw, thanks Klaus!), quite a few users are also 
new to mailing lists for support.

Users should be aware that for this list, as well as most other mailing lists, 
there are directions with links, on how to unsubscribe in the headers.  Set 
your mail client to show all the headers (view, headers, all headers in 
kmail), and the directions are there.  Following these directions should work 
unless there is some problem, as happened in this particular case.

I was going to suggest trying to bounce a few of the emails, wondering if that 
would have worked.  Most mailing list software (from what I've heard) catches 
bounces and removes you from the list, although that may cause problems I'm 
not aware of.

For those complaining, just be glad this list doesn't have the volume of 


On Sunday 23 May 2004 06:43, Martin Oehler wrote:
> Hi!
> On Sun, May 23, 2004 at 05:08:45AM +0200, Klaus Knopper wrote:
> > Ok, everybody please stop yelling. I know there is a problem with the
> > mailing list. The configuration as shown in the webinterface, and the
> > mailman user database seem to be out of sync. Martin Öhler
> > <oehler@linuxtag.org>, our new mail admin, is working on it right now.
> Unsubscription should be possible again (worked for my
> account). Yes - it was broken, technical problems. If
> someone has further problems unsibscribing from this list
> please contact me directly.
> Stop insulting people on this list (this is a general remark)!
> Regards,
> Martin Öhler

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