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Re: [debian-knoppix] XP won't boot after knoppix 3.4 hdinstall

Matthew Yates wrote:

If the Windows Partition is still there, you don't
need to destroy it.  Since you don't have a boot
floppy, why don't you grab a copy of the Emergency
Boot CD:


It is a small download and after you make a bootable
CD (unfortunately you will need windows for this
although it may work with wine), just boot from the
CD, follow the instructions on screen and select to
recover the master boot record.

If you have the original Windows XP boot CD, you can
do the following (quoted from Suse):

Under Windows XP, you can restore the original MBR
(thus uninstalling Lilo) as follows:

Boot from the Windows XP CD, press the key "R" in the
setup in order to start the restoration console.
Select your Windows XP installation from the list, and
enter the administrator password. Enter the command
"FIXMBR" at the input prompt and confirm the next
question with "y". Finally, use "exit" to restore the

Hope that helps.


We have the original Windows XP boot CD.
We tried this - no luck - *it didn't recognise the admin password as correct* Then we decided to clean up - after partitioning and the first copying of drivers, XP tells us to reboot and we do, then it comes with a message like, "Error loading the Operating System" Doing the restore again doesn't ask for the password but doesn't change the situation Then we tried installing win98 (just for the test or so) no luck, the formatting program errors with another funny pointless error

We even removed all partitions, reasoning windows might be too stupid for partitions - but no effect, still the same absurd results.
Now what are we supposed to do?

It seems like something was completely messed up in the MBR that won't be solved by installing lilo or formatting everything -- I don't understand how or why but the only thing I can think of is a problem with using first parted (to resize partitions) and qtparted after that;

Is there any brute force program to *completely* rewrite everything to do with the MBR for XP?
If not we'll buy a second hard disk for the *** XP toy for my dad :(


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