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[debian-knoppix] DVD : compressed FS or not ?


Just a question out of curiosity ;-)

Speaking about a DVD version of Knoppix : is the file system compressed ?
(I mean the KNOPPIX/KNOPPIX file)
On the 700MB CD, there is a 2.1GB compressed file system. But on a 4.7GB DVD, 
is it better to put :
 - a non-compressed FS, then "limited" to 4.7GB (which is already more than 
twice the current CD version)
 - a compressed FS, which would be roughly equivalent of a 18GB FS (!!!)
Is it interesting to fill 4.7GB? I mean that having too much softwares may be 
disturbing for people discovering Linux.
Having a non-compressed FS would probably increase the speed, but would the 
difference be important?

I am just curious ;-)

     Yann Cochard, yann@cactuspro.com, http://yanncochard.com/
         Au Cactus Francophone : http://www.cactuspro.com/
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