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Re: [debian-knoppix] Call for Software for LinuxTag 2004 DVD

Hi Klaus!

On Wed, May 19, 2004 at 01:59:00 +0200, Klaus Knopper wrote:

> We are going to produce the LinuxTag 2004 DVD this week, and if anyone
> has a good recommendation of _freely_redistributable_ software that
> could be included, please feel free to post a hint. The software should
> be useful to more than one person, though. ;-)

I'd suggest (in no special order)

shfs: mountable ssh/scp access, works with kernel 2.4.x, dunno about 2.6
yafc: good command line ftp/sftp client w/ tab completion
irssi: curses based irc client
dmidecode: show DMI data from bios
linux kernel sources (if not already there)
xmms-sid: play C=64 sid tunes in xmms
soundtracker: play/edit .mod and .xm files
xcruise: filesystem displayed as galaxies/planets (no openGL needed)
ltrace: similar to strace, but for library calls
gkrellm: stacked monitor for X

cu @ LinuxTag,
Christian Perle                                    chris AT linuxinfotag.de
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