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Re: [debian-knoppix] Packages to Remove

Roots Root wrote:

I would like to find out which packages(like Games)can
i remove on my remastered version of knoppix so that
it can fit on a CD.


If the knoppix packages have complete dependancy information, would anything of significance be missing if they were simply installed along with all dependencies? Perhaps a meta-package for knoppix could be defined which depends on all these (well maybe not openoffice-de-en) and also any extra packages which are regarded as fundamental to knoppix or are essential to have a "working" system. Then the answer to this question would be "anything which isn't depended on by the knoppix package" and I'm sure a script could be written to determine what "extra" packages are installed on a system on that basis (or perhaps you could apt-get remove everything with knoppix held).

Sorry if this idea has been dismissed before or if I am missing something.



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