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[debian-knoppix] Re: e100 vs eepro100

Klaus Knopper <knopper@linuxtag.org> wrote:
> Well, I'm curious: Does e100 fully replace the eepro100 driver, or are
> there adapters that only run with eepro100 but not with e100?

The Configure.help states that the e100 driver does only
support Intel-manufactured boards but not OEM-ones (like
IBM EtherJet100) - those have different Board IDs not
listed there.
Also, the supported PCI-IDs of both drivers are different.

If possible, it would probably make sense to just first
modprobe e100 and then eepro100. Then, e100 should grab
all devices it supports and eepro100 gets the rest (the
ones not grabbed yet).

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