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[debian-knoppix] Re: Wrong Belgian locale

> Which one would be the CORRECT locale to set LANG= to, for belgian?
> The code in knoppix/autoconfig came from a belgian Linux user
> originally, so I just assumed it was correct, at least at that time.
> Regards
> -Klaus Knopper

Well, there's no such thing as "one" belgian language, but belo-russian
definitely is not quite satisfying ;-)
Other than that, and since we'd better not choose between Dutch and
French (not to mention German), English seems like the best choice for
a product like knoppix, hence my suggestion to stick to "C".
"be" is still useful as a cheatcode, though, in order to select the
right keyboard layout. BTW, for the console, "be2-latin1" is slightly
more complete than "be-latin1".

Speaking of the "lang" keyword, the "cheatcode.txt" file does not
actually document all supported countries. The latest knoppix-autoconfig
script has support for be,bg,ch,cz/cz,dk,fi,ja,sl and uk besides those
mentioned in the help.

Best regards,


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