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[debian-knoppix] Wrong Belgian locale

A problem I reported a while back still manifests itself in 3.4:

Hello, I noticed that the lang=be "cheatcode" is half-broken.
It gives you the right keyboard (be-latin1) and xkeyboard(be),
but sets LANG=be, which corresponds to bielo-russian!

This causes hard to track errors with some apps, eg the dsl config
tools (pppoeconf) complaining about unsupported locales in the
/etc/ppp/peers/something file, which renders connection impossible.
"GKL : Locale is not supported". On the 3.4 c't edition, under gnome,
menus appear in cyrillic!

I'd rather wish LANG was set to C, in /etc/init.d/knoppix-autoconfig.

In the hope that this can be corrected in future releases,



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