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Re: [debian-knoppix] request: howto write to hard drive? newbie question...

Michael 'topdog' Thompson wrote:


   i'm chained to a wind-blows 2K pro NTFS box, ( NOT my choosing ).

   i fired up the k-3.4 cd. over the m$ 2k pro; sweet.

knoppix 3.4 has captive

   i need to update the file on the hard drive; help! PLEASE.

- mount thr drive by clicking on it, that will mount it readonly
- run the captive installer from the knoppix menu, let it search the drivers, click on "ok" when it has found them.
- umount the drive
- then mount it with captive:
# sudo mount -t captive-ntfs /dev/hdX /mnt/hdX

HTH chris
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