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[debian-knoppix] Save-config - Using a Multi-session CD

Hi All,

I have just popped across from www.morphix.org I have
been looking at the very cool new knoppix release (3.4

In particular the knoppix script /usr/bin/saveconfig
looks nice. 

I have a made a very simple application in Morphix,
(www.morphix.org). Where if the live-cd is burnt as a
multi-session cd, configurations can be saved back to
the _same_ CD. 

How To -

The basic concept is the same as save-config, files
are tarred up, to be untarred upon boot-up. It is in
the form of a glade application, but the underlying
commands are bash. (It was a bash script but I wanted
to play with glade)

If any one is intrested, I/Anyone could change
saveconfig to add this option, even though space is
very limited on the knoppix cd.

Brendan M. Sleight

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