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[debian-knoppix] File access time sorting speedup

	I read the archive of this list in which Klaus Knopper answered the
question about bootup speed.  In that response, Klaus states that he uses
"the file access times as sorting criteria".  He then goes on to give a sample
script of what he means.  In the example script, he uses the /KNOPPIX.build
directory that appears to be the root of the system and checks for access times
of the files.  I assume that this is a separate partition that has just been
booted so the access times have been set by that boot process.  Can anyone
clearify the procedure that was used leading up to this process?
	This is my take on the process:
A partition is used for a copy of the 'ready to burn' cd image with an additional
directory of KNOPPIX.build.   At the completion of the making of KNOPPIX compressed
filesystem image, a file called /KNOPPIX.build/mkisofs.timestamp is created.
That partition is then booted and the access times are taken as per the script.
	Is that correct?  Or have I got something wrong here?

Thank you.

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