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Re: [debian-knoppix] Window$ & Knoppix

Knoppix is a bootable CD. It does not
install on the hard drive unless you tell it to.
Boot from the CD, and learn.
Knoppix can also store setting and preference files
on your hard disk if you boot the CD often.
But it does not delete existing files.
You can install knoppix later, when you have
gained confidence, and don't want to boot
the OS with the CD.

I just use the bootable CD at work. This way I
get a linux distro, and don't damage my Windows
install.  I do it all the time at work.
Consider downloading the latest distro,
Simply hit enter at the "boot:" prompt,
or type "knoppix alsa=es1938" and enter
to force sound support for your laptops sound card.
If you hit a snag or want more confidence,
read on, but you don't have to just yet.

Knoppix will not damage your existing files,
unless you actively tell it to. It will auto detect
and use most hardware (sound, mouse, etc),
and happily use your linux formatted swap
partition, (unless you tell it not to).
With laptop hardware, it is tougher
to assume that knoppix will recognize all the
hardware correctly.

I found your WinBook Si specs:
Your hardware has linux drivers.
Knoppix should find these automatically.
My hardware notes are a p.s. incase you need them.

To tell if sound is working correctly, just
listen at boot and shutdown for the voice
saying "initating startup sequence."
if you don't hear that, shutdown and reboot,
using the "knoppix alsa=es1938" cheat code
boot option.   You may need to google,
or ask here, for other specific work arounds.

When you have gotten this far, ask again here
for install help. Installing knoppix (rather than booting
the CD) onto your hard drive is supposedly very easy,
I just have not needed to do it.



p.s. hardware cheat codes and drivers should you need them.
device = description = linux driver name (cheat code to force knoppix to
boot with the driver)
Sound =ES1946 (Solo-1e)= es1938 driver (knoppix alsa=es1938)
video card = ATI Mobility-M chipset = supported under Xfree86

This site may have interesting details if you get stuck.


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> Friends,
> I am a "newbie" to LINUX, although am fairly capable with other operating
> systems.
> I have a question about installing Knoppix.
> I have a nice WinBook Si notebook computer, 533 MHz Celeron, 256 MB RAM,
> 10 GB HD, CD-ROM, 3.5" floppy drive, Logitech 3-button "Trackman
> Portable", sound, LCD screen.... what have I not listed?
> I used V-Com's SYSTEM COMMANDER 7.03 to partition the hard drive as
> follows (in the sequence as shown in System Commander's partitioning
> program):
> Partition 0 = 2.0 GB MS-DOS 6.22 and Windows 98 SE ("Drive C")
> Partition 2 = 1.95 GB Dos & Windows programs ("Drive H")
> Partition 1 = 5.41 GB Extended
> Then, within this Extended partition:
> Partition 1 = 1.95 GB Dos & Windows Data Files ("Drive D")
> Partition 2 = 549 MB  A CD image ("Drive E")
> Partition 3 = 47 MB  ("Drive F")
> Partition 4 = 101 MB WinSwap & Mozilla Cache ("Drive G")
> Partition 5 = 2.19 GB Linux
> Partition 6 = 596 MB  Linux Swap.
> (The CD-ROM, of course, Windows sees as "Drive I")
> "System Commander" also permits me to select, at boot-up time, which
> operating system I wish to use.
> Of course, I wish to include LINUX as an additional boot option, (using
> System Commander to select KNOPPIX-LINUX, or Windows, or MS-DOS 6.22)!!
> Now, here is my question:
> I have Knoppix Version 3.2 on a CD-ROM.
> If I go to the BIOS of this notebook computer, and set the boot sequence
> to CD-ROM first, and then insert this Knoppix CD into the CD-ROM drive,
> will Knoppix KNOW that there is space already formatted and waiting for
> its Linux and LinuxSwap data....
> or will it try to wipe out my Windows and Dos partitions?
> I dearly wish to have Knoppix on this notebook computer, but I do not
> wish to lose all the Windows stuff.... at least, not until I become more
> competent with LINUX!!!
> I am 72 years old, a retiree living on a modest social security pension
> in the mountains of north Georgia (USA, not Europe!)  None of my
> neighbors can even spell "LINUX"!!
> Any help will be much appreciated!!
> Danke sehr! Merci beaucoup! Dank U vell! Xie-xie! Domo arrigato! Grazie
> mille!   !Mil gracias!  Obrigado! Diolch yn fawr!
> David Dunbar
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