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[debian-knoppix] Removing Changelogs to save space

Hi everyone,

You will not like this... I decided to remove the
(compressed/uncompressed) changelogs of all packages in the
/usr/share/doc directory in order to be able to make a new release,
after the compressed KNOPPIX image content got 25 MB too big after the
most recent updates (without including ANY new packages).

Reasons why this seems acceptable for me:

1. Apparently, nobody reads them. (I know this isn't true. _I_ do.  But
whoever really wants to read the changelogs for a package, knows how to
download the corresponding source package, and the GPL really demands a
corresponding changelog present for the SOURCES, not for the binary).

2. They are always growing in size with each update, and make life hard
if you are not fond of removing a lot of stuff on each update.

3. They are already compressed, so removing the (currently) 25 MB of
compressed changelogs frees space for up to 75 MB of uncompressed


- You can't easily trace changes in functionality of each package
  anymore without looking at the source package. But, see 1.)

- dpkg-repack throws a warning for each package because of the missing
  files, but still works.

-Klaus Knopper
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