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Re: [debian-knoppix] Segmentation violations at 0x804e241

The sources are here:

This path is announced on the Knoppix-page under the point licence.
The only rule I think there is for opensource is, that the source must be 
available to the publics, but it's not important where.

Greetings Tom

Am Samstag, 11. Oktober 2003 03.47 schrieb Ambrose:
> I keep getting this error on a remaster:
> segmentation violation at 0*804e241! sleeping for 30seconds
> It just started happening, the remaster has been working fine for the last
> few months. There was no real change in my latest version and the last one
> that worked; I only edited a text file.
> Anyone know what to do about this? I can boot into 'knoppix single' fine,
> but trying to 'init 2/5' fails, and that error shows up.
> Also, it looks as if the Knoppix init binary file is non-standard. Does
> anyone know where the source for the modified init is located? It *should*
> be included with the Knoppix CD.
>  Thanks,
>  - Ambrose

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