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Re: [debian-knoppix] knoppix-installer

Armin Schweitzer wrote:


  As far as I understood is it a big difference.

  Installing as Debian-System would result in a static system like
  a standard Debian install (no on the fly hardware detectionat boot).

  Install at Knoppix would mean that there is hardware detection at
  boot-time. It should run like booting the CD (just a bit faster i

It there a possibility to install knoppix in compressed form.
I gotta v. old machine at boarding house and it has extremally slow CDrom
So I thought that putting KNOPPIX on disk (unfortunatelly, disk is 860MB only, so I cannot put normal linux or knoppix install) in compressed format will help a bit (and will free the cdrom allowing me to put any other here)

Is there such possibility?
Since which version? I got 07.26 (old stuff, but network is slow and I had to burn it on someone's else computer, so I gonna to avoid it in few weeks to download knoppix from home).
If it is on higher - I'll try to get 24.

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