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Re: [debian-knoppix] Knoppix installed on HD: still not a standard Debian!

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Am Freitag, 1. August 2003 17:48 schrieb Gilles Pelletier:
> You did a lot of things right and you provide a tremendous effort. Still,
> if a few little details are not fixed, IT WILL BE EXACTLY AS IF YOU HAD
> DONE NOTHING! (I'm shouting, do you hear me?)
> When you read distrowatch's references, some people say they hand out
> copies of Knoppix to their best friends. Reading this, I myself thought
> that Knoppix had made it and recommended Knoppix to many people. I've been
> waiting for this to happen since I had somebody download the Knoppix 3.1 ,
> Oct 31st 2002 version, for me.
> What do I find 9 months later? Just as was the case with Christian's
> efforts, you want the installation program to be a  (This is a quote »»»)
> "hidden feature". So well hidden, as a matter of fact, that you can't find
> the name of the installation script, let alone finding how you can mount a
> partition as /home.

It _is_ a hidden feature and I'm glad it is still. I started my installer I 
think only 2 months ago and had big breaks, where I could do nothing about 

Klaus _will_ NOT support intsallation of Knoppxi to HD. This is not the aim of 

> Nothing has changed! Some new guy is rewrtiting an script "from scratch to
> have an easy-config". Maybe we'll have a new one again in another nine
> month pregnancy time?  For now, there's only a little detail missing: it's
> not possible to make a boot floppy. (If it is, nobody told me yet.)

And as such you blame on Klaus ...

> I suppose that's where you get to when you motivate contributors by
> offering their work as "hidden features". One can only fathom what Gentoo
> would be up to if Daniel Robbins had been thinking the way you are.

I'm motivated by Klaus very much. He was one of the persons who made me write 
the installer in the first place.

> Well, I might be a complete dummy computer-wise, but I would never
> recommand anybody but my worst ennemies to run any OS without a boot
> floppy.

ok, accepted.

> I'm not saying Fabian is not doing his best, but maybe he's not competent
> enough, or he needs more help, or it's a mission impossible ordeal, or God
> knows what. This I can't determine. But it seems to me many efforts will
> soon be lost.

Ok, I'm not competent enough ? Attached you have an speciald hacked up version 
only for _you_ with boot-floppy support!

I just hadn't the _time_ to program it. Ok ?

It was very pressing to get it on LinuxTag edition anyway and have it halfway 
usable ... since then I have done, could do _no_ work ...

So last snapshot is from around 20th June ...

Btw. new installer is now in pre-alpha test phase.

And as such it should be handled. As a new product which _has_ bugs, which is 
_not complete_ and which as such should not be used by the wide public at the 

Reports from first pre-alpha-testers come in, are fixed and as such the 
software evolves in something usable.

I'm sure that as soon I can "guarantee" that my installer does work under 
almost all circumstances has every major feature, Klaus will happily announce 
it officially. 



PS: I'm a bit disappointed, as you in my opinion have not understand, what 
Knoppix is about. It _is_ a Live-CD and works best as this. Software is ready 
when its ready: My installer is not, but its GPL and you are free to try it 
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