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Re: [debian-knoppix] Mounting usb hard disk

I think ther is some problem with scsi modules!
the error message tell me "test WP failure asumming writable"

Can any one that had mount a usb hard disk just tell me which scsi module to install!
or what to do?


======= 2003-04-27 21:51:00 Donn Washburn wrote=======

>I would think that if the size is seen correctly then the problem
>is likely a lack of a filesystem.
>winglion wrote:
>> I try to mount a usb harddisk in knoppix with this command
>>   mount -t vfat /dev/sda1 /mnt/test
>> the scsi report some error ,it can tell how big my hd is but
>> fail to read the parttition table!
>> As my experiment on redhat, i should install a module name :scsi_mod
>> but I don't find it in konppix!
>>  So what should I do to make knoppix read the partition table of my
>> usb harddisk correctly!
>>   Any suggestion would be appreciated!
>>         winglion
>>         winglion1@163.com
>>           2003-04-28


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