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[debian-knoppix] Multiple hardware issues

Multiple problems including no sound, doesn't like the second IDE controller card, etc. However, my ignorance of Linux prevents me really understanding the issue with some of them so I need to ask help. Let's focus on sound first.

This is a BIOSTAR mothboard with imbedded LAN, Modem, and sound support.
1st problem - no sound. The sound imbedded on the mother board is listed as:

VIA Technologies | VT8233 [AC97 Audio Controller], driver=via82cxxx_audio

and I get the error

modprobe: modprobe: Can't locate module sound-slot-0
modprobe: modprobe: Can't locate module sound-service-0-0

This occurs when booting from the KNOPPIX CD. When attemping to use sound such as playing the ogg file on the CD, xmms reports that the sound card is not configured.

2nd issue - while there appear to be various hardware isssues. I need to ask the dumb question - how to major and minor device numbers get assigned in Linux. Back in my days working on Microport UNIX (SVR4), we set the major number up explicitly in the kernel and the minor numbers were assigned via the driver itself. Now, I'm trying to understand the device /dev/dsp. If I have mulitple sound cards, how do the minor numbers get setup? I have installed KNOPPIX using the knx-install script and now I get Can not open device errors. I used to get Solo1 device timeout errors but I've been swapping sound cards in and out and now I'm not sure whats linked together.

 -Mike Grenier

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