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[debian-knoppix] MD5 checksums, and release announcements


MD5 checksums:
I agree that a KNOPPIX.md5 file is good, but this is software, after
all, so I don't see why you don't do what many other software distribu-
tions do, and have an MD5SUMS file containing checksums of every file
that you can, which of course is every file except MD5SUMS itself. Sure,
it would be cool to know that the entire disc's integrity--both files
and non-files--is good, but that doesn't seem possible. That shouldn't
hold you back from doing the next best thing, which is ensuring that all
the files are good.

release announcements:
Can I ask you to consider making short release announcements here, in
<debian-knoppix@linuxtag.org>, when you do release new KNOPPIX ISO's? Or
am I in the wrong place for that? Several times over the last couple of
months I've found myself thinking, "Gee, from the talk here, it sounds
like a new release must have occurred," and then upon checking
knopper.net have found one that's three or four or ten days old.

Regards, and thanks again for a great testing tool,

KNOPPIX Use #347: When attempting to install Slackware 9.0 on older
hardware for the son of friends of the family, I received numerous
warnings about a bad USB cable/hub. Arg. How can I tell if this PS/2
mouse plugged into this USB card will even work? Ah! I'll boot from a
KNOPPIX CD and see what it reports. (FYI, it reported the same. /-:)
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