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[debian-knoppix] Re: Suggestion for a cleaner windows autorun

> Windows has no built-in mechanism for this?

Starting with Win2k, the autorun.inf could directly say
"shellexecute=index.htm", but that would not work with any
earlier OS.

> I'm afraid the approach with an EXE will not help,
> as no user would allow the system to execute just any binary.

That's what many cdroms do, among which microsoft's.
I doubt Klaus would inclure *their* binary launcher, though.
Anyway this is not less secure than the bat/start approach.

> > gcc -Os -mwindows launch.c -o launch -s
> Is it possible to produce windows executables that easy under linux?
> Will they run on any windows system? (I could use that functionality
> for my knoppx-customize).

That was meant under windows, with mingw installed
(see http://www.mingw.org).
It should also be possible to cross-compile under linux,
but I have never done that myself; maybe this would help:

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