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[debian-knoppix] More info on the pseudo terminal problem...

I finally make it work but doing somethings that is not right. To make the terminals works, I did as root:

chmod a+rw /dev/ptmx

And now I can open any terminal from X as knoppix.

Anyway, this is what I have seen so far:
1) with the hack, when I type "tty" from the terminal that I open on X with the knoppix it says "/dev/pts/0" but when doing the same from the original CD is says "/dev/ttyp0" 2) the /dev filesystem that is used comes from the miniroot filesystem on the boot image, there the /dev/ptmx file has only read permisions for everyone and write permision for the owner only that is root

So, does anyone knows what could be happening or how to solve this problem?

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